The FEFCO-Code is an international code for describing packaging constructions made of corrugated board. Just discover the various types of packaging they will meet your needs best.

The codes are shown within the following categories.

Folding Boxes / RSC / American Boxes 0200-0231

Folding Boxes – as known as RSC or American Boxes – usually are made out of one single sheet with a glued flap, tape oder stapled closure as well as bottom and top flaps for closing the box. This kind of packaging will be delivered flat and ready to erect and use.

Ready Glued Boxes 0700 – 0774

Ready-glued boxes consist of one element, are folded, and are delivered flat to the customer. They are easily set up and ready to use. These boxes usually have an automatic lock bottom.

Commercial Rolls and Sheets

Sliding Boxes 0501 – 0512

Sliding boxes consist of two or more in different directions moveable and folded elements.

Telescope Boxes 0300 – 0351

Telescope boxes are made out of two or more parts. The upper part (lid) is placed over the lower part (bottom), or both above a trunk.

Folders and Trays 0401 – 0473

Folders and Trays are normally made out of a blank. Two or all sidewalls and the lid are connected to the base. This type of product is generally ready to use without any additional gluing or taping work needed. Locking devices, grips, sales displays etc. are possible variants for this type of product.

Rigid Boxes 0600 – 0621

Rigid boxes normally consist of two side elements and a middle part that is bottom as well as the lid in one . These boxes can be delivered as individual units and have to be joined with the help of clamps.

Interiors 0900 – 0975

Interiors such as inserts, dividers and partition walls can either be attached to the box or loose elements. The number of elements are variable.

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